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Compare and always trust your Instincts!

...We always tell our prospect clients to have a second quote when deciding on hiring because even if is just a free piece of document, it can help you to determinate what kind of services you will be given and the quality you can expect.

With a very few exceptions you will not receive the same detailed quality on your project from a guy who gave you a free quote on a restaurant napkin or over a Facebook chat vs the guy who takes the time to meet you personally, source the must recent cost of the materials involve in your project and delivering a legal document in witch you as a consumer can be protected when hiring a stranger you met only once and now are allowing him to enter your house.

The difference between ICS and our competitors is that at the end of your project Renovation with us, if requested you are guarantee to receive a Booklet with very detailed information about all of the materials used and the care you should have when maintaining it, so all that money you pay for those beautiful finishes you choose can last you longer.

Some might ask: - isn't this something "obligatory" information to received on your final Bill?

and the truth is: No!. Depend on who you hired, How well the relationship ended with your contractor and the Quality-Price factor, will determinate the care on those little details that can make the difference.

Having a Peace of mind that if in the future you shall decide to match or buy again the same materials you will not also have the stored conversation in you brain with your contractor on how to take care, clean and maintain your new materials,

you will also have it printed!

As my grandmother says:

Always trust your Instincts!

So Next time you are planing on Hiring somebody for a project you have in mind,

Contact Us, you have nothing to lose.

Our Estimates are Free!

call: 647-403-7283

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